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Ardeo Counseling LLC specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of perinatal mental illness. 


Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) impact one in seven women and one in twenty men. At Ardeo Counseling, we work with new parents to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder related to pregnancy and childbirth. New parents are welcomed into a non-judgmental and supportive environment, where fears and hopes can be navigated openly. We will work together to challenge negative thoughts and/or behaviors. We will explore relationship and parenting dynamics in order to manage support and expectations.


For those parents who have experienced PMADs or other emotional distress in the past, pregnancy can bring an extra layer of worry. When parents seek treatment during pregnancy, we will work to establish plans and resources for the postpartum period. We will explore the emotional toll that comes with pregnancy, including anxiety and excessive worry about the pregnancy and delivery. 


When a couple finds themselves unable to conceive naturally, it is understandable that symptoms of depression and anxiety may increase. At Ardeo Counseling, we work with parents in every stage of this journey. We will work to minimize feelings of stress, guilt, blame, and distress. Emphasis may also be placed on managing intimacy and sexual expectations throughout the infertility journey.


For those parents who are grieving the most significant of losses, there is no time limit for sadness. At Ardeo Counseling, we handle these cases with profound respect, and encourage parents to explore their grief as it arises without guilt or shame. Emphasis can be placed on pregnancies following loss and on parenting surviving children. Finding and maintaining support is also a focus, as is monitoring the parents' relationship. 


The act of delivering a child is one of the most vulnerable and intimate experiences a woman can have. Unfortunately, there are times when delivery does not go as planned. For those women who feel intense anxiety when thinking about their birth, experience nightmares related to birth, or who are otherwise traumatized by their birthing experience, we can assist in the management of PTSD symptoms. Topics of "body betrayal" and mistrust of the medical community can be explored. Additionally, processing the Birth Story will be prioritized, with appropriate focus placed on medical interventions, health concerns, NICU stays, and support during delivery. 


In addition to providing clinical services, Katlyn is an approved supervisor with the state of Maryland Board of Professional Counselors. She is approved to supervise graduate level counselors. For more information, or to discuss rates and availability, please contact Katlyn.

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